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Read with attention!

We have some information that will be very useful for you who come to visit us! Any questions we are at your disposal!  ​​  The Ohana family thanks you for your interest in  our little corner!!! Welcome to)!

  • We are a family inn, it is important to have a good relationship between all guests. Schedules and rules must be respected. Avoid noise after 22:00 and before 8:00.  


  • We have 1 complex: 

Ohana Chalets (apartments for up to 6 people.  


  • Breakfast: 

NOT included in chalets. (optional)


  • Bed linen, towels, hygiene and cleaning supplies:

NOT Included in Ohana Cottages. (optional)


  • We have two options for Check-in and Check-out:

Daily 1: Check in at 14:00 (maximum until 22:00) and check out at 12:00


Diary 2: Entry in the morning (from 7:00 am) and departure at night (until 23:00).

  • Note -> Minimum 2 nights!


  • Excess hours both before check-in and after check-out will be charged.


  • Ambient sound in addition to that offered by the Inn are not allowed in the outdoor area and the volume inside your chalet should not disturb other guests.


  • Opening hours of the pool: (8:00 am to 9:00 pm). It is essential to wash in the shower before entering the pool, children can never be unaccompanied in this area.


  • Wet clothes on windows and balconies damage the wood. Use the portable dryers that are in the accommodation.  


  • Belongings cannot be left in any outside area. (Clothes, towels, chairs, umbrella, cooler, toys or others)


  • When leaving your apartment, check that the appliances, light and fan are turned off to avoid accidents.


  • Children must always be accompanied by guardians.


  • Ball, paddle tennis and activities that damage any part of the Inn must be avoided.  


  • We have a green area cared for with great affection by our Pedrinho (gardener) for over 20 years, preserve, take care, do not remove and do not step on the plants.


  • We only have one space per car for each apartment.  


  • Any area of the Inn is for the accommodation of guests only, if you have to receive a visit, please inform the administration so that it can be authorized.


  • The accommodation of a child up to 5 years of age will be complimentary, upon presentation of the ID at check-in.  


  • It is prohibited to smoke inside the Inn!  


  • Pets must always be accompanied by their owners, they cannot use areas shared with other guests (pool, bistro) and cannot be left alone in the accommodation.

  • We rent umbrellas and beach chairs. (Information at reception).


  • Do not book if you do not agree with the items mentioned above. From the moment you make the deposit or portion of the pre-reservation, you will be in full agreement with the Pousada's policy and rules.


  • Any disregard for the rules and regulations allow the inn to take appropriate measures.  



  • We only provide accommodation after receipt of proof and confirmation of deposit (pre-booking).

Rules for Pets

We accept Pets and Humans too!

Pets are very welcome at our hostel. Just check out some rules of good coexistence:

• Your dog must be FRIENDLY to people and other pets. Always be accompanied by the person responsible and kept in the security guide. It is not allowed to circulate in swimming pools and eating areas, and stay unattended in the accommodation or any other area of the Inn.
(This is very important both for his well-being and for the inn and the other guests in general.)

• As much as we trust our dog, accidents can happen and it is important to have the vaccination card up to date and always at hand when we stay. It must be presented upon check-in.

• Passing fleas and ticks before the trip also tends to avoid mishaps.

• Don't forget to bring all your dog's hygiene kit such as hygiene mats and bags to collect the dirt. If he poops, collect it. He can't pee in every corner he passes.

• We know dogs bark, but if your dog barks nonstop you will have to calm him down or take him for a walk as this can hinder other guests and even stress other dogs.  

• If you think it's necessary, bring a toy or a bed so that your dog is more comfortable in the room. They may find the environment changes strange.

• Only one (01) small dog weighing up to 15 kg is allowed in the room.

• Owners will be responsible for any incidents/accidents caused by their animals and must reimburse any damage caused by them.

• Respect is key! At the inn we have guests with and without pets! Therefore, we need to care for everyone's privacy. I know it seems absurd for someone who has a pet, a person who doesn't like dogs, but that can happen and, therefore, we have to be careful not to invade the  space of the other that also has the right not to like pets! All for the good relationship and respect for different opinions!  

• A lodging fee per pet in the amount of R$ 25.00 will be charged, which must be paid at check-in.

Attention! Failure to comply with these rules may cause your stay to be canceled in order to preserve the well-being of other guests.

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